About Greenstripe


About us

Greenstripe CBD was born out of necessity.

After suffering a life changing spinal injury, our founder, Alex started using CBD drops to manage chronic pain and inflammation.  Frustrated with the lack of information on the details and provenance of products from existing suppliers in the CBD industry, he resolved to create a range of CBD products that were 100% organic and traceable through every stage of production, from seed to sale.
He simultaneously committed to the in depth study of essential oils with the goal of enhancing the power of CBD with nature’s most powerful ingredients.

After sourcing and testing CBD from all over Europe and the US. We found the perfect source for our CBD, a unique, fourth generation family run organic farm in Piemonte Northern Italy. As well as having full organic certification, the team mixes cutting edge cultivation methods with age old farming know-how.

Why Choose Greenstripe CBD?


Starting with our farm in Piemonte, all our CBD products and ingredients are traceable to source. We are 100% responsible for every step of production, from cultivation to extraction through to the manufacture of our finished products.

Typically, in the CBD industry this is not the case, the vast majority of CBD retail labels buy wholesale, finished products ready to sell from larger companies with no traceability of the origins of the hemp or other ingredients nor the processes used to manufacture the products they are selling.

EU Certified Organic Hemp & Ingredients

All our products start life as organic hemp flower meaning they are grown in soil that has been free from any kind of contaminants for over five years and no pesticides are used during their cultivation. This helps to maintain the integrity of the plant’s natural cannabinoids and terpenes.
Despite the fact that most CBD products now claim to be processed from organic hemp the truth is that this certification is very difficult to obtain and still quite rare in the EU. A huge amount of CBD is marketed as organic when in fact no organic certification exists. All our products are derived from EU certified organic hemp flower. Our associates at the farm have held the EU organic certificate since 2017.

All the essential oils we use to produce our balms and cosmetics are certified organic and traceable to their source. The beeswax we use is 100% natural without any contaminants and sourced from a select group of artisan apiarists in France and Italy.
Solvent-less Extraction

Typically, CO2 critical extraction is the industry standard method to extract full spectrum CBD oil from flower. Although economical, the use of the C02 can degrade the CBD flower, particularly the cannabinoids and terpenes which provide so many of the plant’s benefits.

Greenstripe CBD use only heat and pressure to extract CBD oil, maintaining the integrity of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. Despite being a much more specialist and time-consuming process, the finished product is vastly superior to other extraction methods.


Our Ethos

We strive to provide the best 100% natural, organic products available to everyone at fair prices.

We are constantly working to make new innovative products combining organic hemp extract with nature’s most potent, healing ingredients.

We are an environmentally friendly company and wherever possible use recyclable and reusable materials. All of our products are animal friendly and cruelty free.